The Benefit Of Trading Forex Binary Options

The Benefit Of Trading Forex Binary Options Forex binary options are increasing popularly in its way to profit from financial market. If the trader is trading correctly then he will receive with fixed amount of payouts that even range from up to 500% or even more.

I purchased a binary option at a set price which is also called as strike price .When a call was placed on my purchased binary option I was told that my strike was close to profit. In order to opt for a put option, the close price must be lower than the strike price. As I had seen almost all the   binary options had expiry time, but the expiry time of closing price determines whether my trade is under profit or not.

Ample Collections To Meet All Demands

There is a wide range of forex binary options available .Out of which is selected the simplest one that is fixed payout options where the current market price was the strike or the set price for my option. As my trade expired in money, I received a fixed payout of 60%-70% along with my original investment. My friend who lost the trade lost credited with 15%b of his original amount.  These options were hourly based.

One of friend told me about American Nadex exchange which offered more conventional form of trading .The binary option trading varied with prices. The loss and the profit of the trade depend on the rate at which the trade was purchased and can played 24/7.

Though binary options were available in number of different forms but I mainly focused on Forex as the technical analysis tools and data charts were easily available.  I was told my friend that I can make use of any technical analysis tools for binary forex trading. Some of the fundamental events like interest rates and unemployment numbers allowed me to get easy profits from Forex binary options.

High Return Investment With Forex Binary Options

When I heard about the Non-farm payroll release (NFP) reports are released every month. I found it quite interesting. But saw in the paper that market often reacted more violently for NFP report as the released figures was completely different from the expected figures. But still many traders love to trade NFP as it can be profitable. You can even make of binary options for trading NFP.

One of the good things about forex binary option   that my risk in the trade was limited to premium to which I had paid in buying that. I keenly kept an eye on the market reaction to NFP report and tried to guess the direction of market and then joined the price movement of binary option. With NFP report I traded with much lesser risk and with a greater profit of 75% within 1 hour.

During one of my trade , my binary option was about to expire in an hour , I guessed the direction of the market  and waited  for remaining time .If suppose  my binary option was wrong I would have lost the premium amount  that I had paid to purchase binary option . But to my luck my guess was on the correct direction and at the end of the day I made a payout of 75% along with my investment.

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